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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Best casino bonuses


97.5% Payout
  • 20 No Deposit Freespins
  • Lot of loyality bonuses for old players
  • Good game collection(+400) from many softwares
200% up to €50
casumo online casino homepage
Compatible with:
Graphics - 100%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 100%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 97%


98% Payout
  • 100 up to 100 and a overall rating of 97%
100% up to €100
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 97%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 97%
Overall impression - 97%


98% Payout
  • 11 No Deposit Freespins
  • Very fast withdrawals
  • over 1000 games from 31 softwares
100% up to €200
videoslots online casino homepage
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 100%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 100%
Overall impression - 96%


98% Payout
  • 20 No Deposit Freespins + 250% Deposit Bonus!
  • All freespins in Guts are WAGER FREE
  • Fast withdrawals (in 2 hours)
250% up to €250
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 98%
Value - 96%
Overall impression - 96%


98.2% Payout
  • Good bonuses
  • Mobile friendly online casino
  • Good collection of games
200% up to €100
Compatible with:
Graphics - 94%
Gameplay - 97%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 97%
Overall impression - 96%


97% Payout
  • 200 up to 100 and a overall rating of 95%
200% up to €100
Compatible with:
Graphics - 96%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 95%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 95%


97.5% Payout
  • 20 No Deposit Freespins
  • Good collection of Casinogames
  • Fast withdrawals for winnings
100% up to €500
casinoroom online casino homepage
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 88%
Value - 94%
Overall impression - 93%

Casino bonuses

Taking full advantage of Casino bonuses while playing pays off. What’s more, most online casinos offer them to players. Casino bonuses give players a variety of benefits, of which we will talk about more on this page later.

On this page you will find the best casino bonuses you can use to start playing on the most trustworthy, tax-free online casinos. On this page we have collected all general information about casino bonuses, how to use them and also about the terms and conditions regarding them. So keep reading, and you will learn all about casino bonuses and using them to support your playing.


What are casino bonuses?

what-are-casino-bonusesCasino bonuses are benefits offered to players at online casinos, that provide them with value for money, such as free spins and free tokens to play with without having to make a deposit. We have divided all casino bonuses into categories, that we will individually explain further down the page. You will find detailed information about all available casino bonuses offered to players at online casinos.

Also remember to read about the terms and conditions regarding casino bonuses at the bottom of this page, so you know about the conditions and rules regarding how to redeem and play using your casino bonuses.


How to redeem casino bonuses?

how-to-redeem-casino-bonusesRedeeming your casino bonuses is very easy here at our website. Select the bonus you want from our list of bonuses, click ”play now”, create your player account and start playing. Redeeming casino bonuses is this easy and it will only take a few minutes.

In order to get the bonuses we have listed, you need to click the ”play now” -button. If you’re going directly to the casino on your browser by typing in the the address of the casino, you won’t be able to get the bonus we have listed. This is due to our collaboration with online casinos, where we have set the bonuses into the buttons so they activate only when you click the ”play now” -button. Remember to take note of this, so you can redeem all the exclusive bonuses that we offer to help you start playing.


Different casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are easily dividible into three categories: casino bonuses as free spins, casino bonuses as free tokens to use at the casino and deposit bonuses. You can find these categories and all information you should know about them before you start playing. So keep reading to know more about casino bonuses and their many forms.


Casino bonuses as free spins

casino-bonuses-as-free-spinsFree spins are casino bonuses offered by online casinos, that give the player a certain amount of spins for a slot machine, many times for free. Free spins can also often be collected when redeeming deposit bonuses, but free spins without a requirement for deposit is the thing online casinos use to lure in players.

Free spins given to players without a requirement for deposit are a good way to start playing for money at online casinos, fully free of charge. Just remember, all casino bonuses, including free spins, come with certain rules and conditions that must be met and agreed to by the player before they can withdraw their winnings.

All in all, free spins are the easiest and the cheapest way to start playing for money. Even when these spins come with conditions, the players are given a great chance to win real money completely free of charge. If you want to read more about free spins, we recommend reading more about them on our ”free spins” page, where you can find all information regarding free spins and how to use them while playing.


Casino bonuses in form of free bonus money

Casino bonuses offered by online casinos containing free bonus money have been decreasing recently. This is because online casinos want new players to play the newest slots. This is why free spins are far more common, because it is up to the online casino to decide what game they want the player to use their spins on and thus introduce new players to the latest slot machines.

Free bonus money redeemable without making a deposit are simply bonus money placed on the player’s account, with which the player can try out different games at the casino free of charge. If you get an opportunity to redeem free bonus money at an online casino, we recommend to do so. However, there are only so many casinos out there, that are still offering such a bonus.

There are still a few online casinos that offer their players free bonus money as equivalence bonuses, which are basically deposit bonuses. Free bonus money claimable without deposit is simply bonus money transferred to the player’s account, which the player will have to wager according to the casino terms & conditions before being able to withdraw any winnings. Keep reading, next we are going to tell you about deposit bonuses.


Deposit bonuses

deposit-casino-bonusesOnline casinos offer equivalence bonuses, in other words deposit bonuses given to players who make a deposit and thusly receive a bonus of a certain percentage in relation to the amount of deposit. These bonuses are the most common types of bonuses on any online casinos and they can be received on all online casinos to the joy of the player.

The most common deposit bonus that a player can redeem at an online casino is the 100% deposit bonus, where the player gets a bonus of 100% equivalence of the deposited amount. This means when the player deposits 100€, they will receive 100€ worth bonus money into their account.

Remember that all redeemable deposit bonuses come with terms & conditions that must be met and agreed to before being able to withdraw any winnings. Next, we are going to tell you about the terms and conditions regarding casino bonuses provided by online casinos. Remember to read the sections below in order to avoid any nasty surprises if you’re trying to withdraw while your bonus is still active.


Casino bonuses and the rules

Casino bonuses are nice benefits that any player can claim as they enter an online casino. However, it is important to note that all free spins, deposit bonuses and free tokens contain terms & conditions that all players should obide to.

We have divided all online casino terms and conditions to sections below, that include: wagering requirement, limited games, betting limits and limits regarding means of deposit. By reading these sections you will know all the rules and conditions you should know before playing using casino bonuses, especially regarding bonuses that require a deposit by the player.


Wagering requirement

casino-bonuses-wagering-requirementsWagering requirement is the most common condition regarding casino bonuses. The player is given a coefficient by which the bonus money will have to be wagered. On some online casinos this only applies to bonus money claimed by the player, whereas on some casinos it applies to both, bonus money and deposit.

Also note, that casinos that require you to wager your deposit including your bonus money make it really difficult for you to meet the wagering requirement. This makes cashing in winnings difficult and it is not easy for the player to meet the wagering requirements.

The wager requirement coefficient is usually somewhere around 20-50. If the online casino has set a wagering requirement of 25x the bonus money, you will have to wager your redeemed bonus at a coefficient of 25 on one of the games at the casino before ability to withdraw your winnings.

If the casino has set a wagering requirement of 25 for the deposit and the bonus money, the wagering requirement will be double for the player and will make it more difficult to meet the demands of the wagering requirement. Remember to check the casino’s bonus conditions for the extent of the wagering requirement and if it applies only to bonus money or both, bonus money and your deposit.


Limited games

casino-bonus-rules-and-limited-gamesIn the online casino bonus terms & conditions, the limited games means that certain games are not allowed to be played while the bonus is active, or they won’t fulfill the wagering requirements the same way.

These games usually include all jackpot games and games, where the odds are very low from the casino perspective. It is important that you check this out from the bonus terms before playing with your bonuses.

In the bonus rules you can usually find a listing of games that do not count towards filling the wager requirement, which means the wager requirement attached to the bonus will not be met. Some games may count towards wagering requirement, for example, by 10-30%, which means it is not beneficial for the player to play these games, especially if the bonus and the wager requirement are active.


Betting limits

Betting limits are the most important conditions at online casinos after limited games that you can claim your bonus from. Betting limit will tell the player an amount they are allowed to bet in a game per round. Usually the betting limit is around 5-10€/£/$, depending on the online casino of your choosing.

The player is not thereby allowed to bet higher than the betting limit if the casino bonus is active. If the player doesn’t comply to this rule, the online casino will hold the right to deny the player the bonus they claimed and all possible winnings earned while using the bonus. Remember to check the betting limit from the bonus terms & conditions in order to avoid any surprises, especially if your wagering requirement is met and you try to withdraw your winnings.


Deposit method limits

casino-bonuses-deposit-method-limitsDeposit methods are plenty these days and each player has their preferred method of making a deposit. Many sites that tell the players about the conditions regarding casino bonuses, fail to tell them about limits regarding deposit methods completely. Many online casinos deny the player of their bonus claims made with the welcome bonus, if the player has chosen Neteller or Skrill as their deposit method.

Remember to read the casino conditions to make sure Neteller or Skrill are among deposit methods that give you eligibility to claim your welcome bonus. If not, you should use some other method of deposit for your first deposit.


How do I make use of my casino bonuses?

how-do-i-make-use-of-my-casino-bonusesYou already know a lot about casino bonuses, so we’d like to lighten up the mood a bit and tell you about how to make the best use of your casino bonuses. First we like to emphasize that all free spins and free tokens claimable by the player on an online casino are clearly recommended to be put to good use.

With the help of these free bonuses you can start playing completely free without a requirement of deposit. Even if you don’t win large amounts of money, these bonuses give you a free chance to win real money, and completely free of charge.

If you are looking to win big time, we recommend to claim deposit bonuses and make use of your free spins you get upon deposit. Deposit bonus will usually give you at least an equivalent of 100% for your deposit, so you get more time to play and a bigger chance to lay those big wins upon you.

Casino bonuses are one of the best perks of online casinos, so why not make use of them? Pick your favourite casino bonus from the bonus list on our site and start playing using them today!