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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Best Online Casinos


97.5% Payout
  • 20 No Deposit Freespins
  • Lot of loyality bonuses for old players
  • Good game collection(+400) from many softwares
200% up to €50
casumo online casino homepage
Compatible with:
Graphics - 100%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 100%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 97%


98% Payout
  • 100 up to 100 and a overall rating of 97%
100% up to €100
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 97%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 97%
Overall impression - 97%


98% Payout
  • 11 No Deposit Freespins
  • Very fast withdrawals
  • over 1000 games from 31 softwares
100% up to €200
videoslots online casino homepage
Compatible with:
Graphics - 97%
Gameplay - 100%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 100%
Overall impression - 96%


98% Payout
  • 20 No Deposit Freespins + 250% Deposit Bonus!
  • All freespins in Guts are WAGER FREE
  • Fast withdrawals (in 2 hours)
250% up to €250
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 98%
Value - 96%
Overall impression - 96%


98.2% Payout
  • Good bonuses
  • Mobile friendly online casino
  • Good collection of games
200% up to €100
Compatible with:
Graphics - 94%
Gameplay - 97%
Bonuses - 97%
Value - 97%
Overall impression - 96%


97% Payout
  • 200 up to 100 and a overall rating of 95%
200% up to €100
Compatible with:
Graphics - 96%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 95%
Value - 95%
Overall impression - 95%


97.5% Payout
  • 20 No Deposit Freespins
  • Good collection of Casinogames
  • Fast withdrawals for winnings
100% up to €500
casinoroom online casino homepage
Compatible with:
Graphics - 95%
Gameplay - 95%
Bonuses - 88%
Value - 94%
Overall impression - 93%

Online casinos

Online casinosOnline casinos attract increasingly more players interested in cash games to their sites. This is because, unlike normal casinos, online casinos are able to offer substantially larger selection of games, better benefits and larger pots to delight their players.

From this page, you will find all the information you need about online casinos, how to play in them, and all that online casinos are able to offer you. Web’s gambling sites withhold so much information, that even we try to concentrate them all in this website, we will not be able to tell it all. If you would like to have more detailed information about a particular section of this website, we would ask you to look at the navigation bar, where you can find a huge amount of extra information.


What are online casinos?

Online casinos are gambling related sites in the internet, that unlike traditional casinos, operate in the in web. To start gambling in an online casino, you do not need a car, taxi or even your legs. Only thing required is an internet connection and terminal that let’s you connect to the internet. All kind of computers, mobile devices such as tablet computer and mobile phones can be used as a terminal.

In online casinos you can play hundreds or even thousands of different kinds of cash games that includes; slots, video poker, table games, jackpot-games, livecasino games, internet poker, betting and other types of gambling. Scratch off-tickets area also included in the selection of the game websites.

We have listed all available cash games found from online casinos, that give you a concentrated picture of all games in each category. All mentioned games and categories are part of online casinos, so we decided to talk about them. So keep reading and you will know a little bit more about online casinos and what they offer.


Games of online casinos

Included in online casinos games are all cash games, that are played using players terminal connected to the internet. As we mentioned earlier, online casinos contain hundreds or even thousands of cash games that can be divided into different categories. Below you can find categories of all cash games played in online casinos and a concentrated and informative information package of each game in a category.



slots in online casinosSlots are the most popular of online casinos games and also the most played. Slots, as well as those found in supermarkets, operate the same way. The games use cash for playing and when the player chooses a game, a screen pop ups where he can see the slots roll, winning lines and different kind of symbols.

When player sets a bet and presses “play” or “spin” button, the reels of slots starts spinning If the player can collect specified symbols in quantity on the winning line, he will win the amount of money specified in the winning groups.

The best thing about online casino’s slots is, that the modern ones include great amount of extra features such as bonus games, that offer players free spins or bonus games based on choices.
If you want to play the most popular cash games, choose slots from online casinos game categories.


Jackpot games

jackpot games in online casinosAmong slots, jackpot-games are the most popular on online casinos. These games are usually slots with an accumulating grand prize, aka. jackpot. The more players playing games in this category, the bigger the jackpot grows. Out of online casinos jackpot’s, the biggest can grow into millions of euros before one of the players wins it.

Some of jackpot games can be triggered with any bet, but usually odds are better when the player has played with bigger bets. A good example of a jackpot games where a player can win with any bet, is Mega fortuner, where player playing with 0.25€ spins has the exact same chance to win a jackpot, as the players who play with bigger bets.


Video Poker

videopoker in online casinosVideo poker is overall one of the most simple games in online casinos, which makes games in this category very popular among players. Playing video poker in an online casino is easy and this game has lot’s of variations, so every player can find some kind of an interesting video poker game.

The way video poker games work is that players deposit money into the online casino, then open a suitable video poker game and presses the “deal” button. After this cards are dealt to the player who can lock suitable cards. The goal of the player is to collect best possible poker hand using the limitations of lockable cards, to win as much as possible.

Most popular video poker games in online casinos are Jacks or Better, Joker Wild, All American as well as Deuces Wild-video poker game.


Table games

tablegames in online casinosTable games are very popular in regular casinos and not any less popular in online casinos. These games are played in regular “brick-and-mortar” casinos as well as in online casinos. There are few benefits into playing these games, which has made the popularity rise.

All table games offered to the players by online casinos have a great return of investment. To the player it means, that by playing table games, you have the best possible chances at winning. At the very best, the house benefit is so small that the players return of investment is a fantastic 99,8% To get into these kind of returns of investment some level of skills is needed and not many players quite have it.

Included in the table games are all following games; roulette, blackjack, bacccarat, and casino hold’em. Most popular of these games are roulette and blackjack, mostly because of their relatively easy rules. Older cash players that have skills, play baccarat, because it gives players a greater chance of a win.


Live casino games

live casino games in online casinosLive casino games are the games that really bring out modern innovations. Up until a few years ago, playing these games were not possible and friends of table games headed for normal casinos to play popular table games. Nowadays it is not needed to go to a normal casino, that is if you wish to quench your thirst for table games. This is because the live casino games of the online casinos we have listed, where one can play table games in real time against real dealers in real time.

Live casino games include all popular table games such as roulette, blackjack, casino hold’em and baccarat. That means you can play all aforementioned games live through internet without leaving your sofa. Game actions in this mode are dealt by real dealers, just like being in a real casino. The only difference is that you are not playing next to other players at a table, but for example on your computer using a camera feed. This game mode is very close to playing table games at normal casinos, because you can even play with other players in the same table.



scratchcards-in-online-casinosScratchcards are some of the less played cash games in online casinos. There is still it’s own group for scratching tickets, so casinos working online have decided to keep these players who like scratching tickets at their site.

Scratch off tickets bought from online casinos work the same way as those bought from a store. You choose a ticket of your choice, pay for it, scratch it and see if you won anything. It really is this easy to scratch tickets at the casino.


Internet poker

internet poker and online casinosInternet poker is favored by many cash players, so some of the online casinos offer this game mode to be played by their customers. In internet poker you are always playing against other players and there are different levels of tables to cater everyone’s wallets. By the level of tables, we mean the bets used in the tables.

Playing internet poker is not that simple, so we suggest reading about it in our “internet poker” page. If you still wish to start playing internet poker right away, we suggest you Redbet online casino, which allows it’s players to play internet poker through the same account in the Ongame-gaming network.



betting in online casinosBetting, such as internet poker, requires skills to reach optimal results. In online casinos betting is usually done among sports. Sports included are football, ice hockey, baseball and many other sports.

If you would like to know more about betting and information about the best websites for betting and good odds, we suggest to read “betting” page we have created. If you’re already an old expert of betting, we suggest to bet in the RedBet online casino, which offers this game mode along with internet poker using a single account.


Online casinos offer benefits to their players

Online casinos offer many kind of benefits that you can not reach in regular casinos. Most common benefits are casino bonuses, loyalty bonuses and all the campaigns and competitions online casinos offer.

We have collected compressed information about all aforementioned benefits offered to the players of online casinos. This means you will quickly get information about all the benefits, that us playing in online casinos should take advantage of while playing in internet’s cash game websites.


Casino bonuses

casno-bonuses-in-online-casinosCasino bonuses are most favorable of all bonuses offered by online casinos. Regular casinos offer some amounts of free bonuses to their players, but online casinos are most famous about offering these, especially to their new players.

Casino bonuses are benefits offered by online casinos, that give rebates to the money deposited, free spins or free game money. Most popular casino bonuses are free spins and free game money, that do not require players to make a deposit.

Those players that are serious about winning big, make use of online casinos’ deposit bonuses which are most popular right after free bonuses. Deposit bonuses give players a specified amount of percentage as bonus money when compared tot he size of the deposit, which stretches the gaming time and allowing bigger and more frequent wins to land in the games player plays.


Loyalty bonuses

Loyalty bonuses, as other online casino bonuses are suggested to be used. Word “loyalty” in online casino means that a player plays several days in a month at the same online casino. The more times you play at the same online casino or make deposit, the more loaylty bonuses you will collect.

Good examples of loyalty bonuses are free spins, free bonus money and other prizes and benefits offered to old customers. Some online casinos, such as Videoslots, offer their players huge amounts of loyalty bonuses, out of which the greatest is the 25% cashback, that returns the player 25% of all money they have wagered in their online casino. It does not matter if you win or lose, Videoslots will return you 25% of your funds in the form of cashback every friday of every gaming week.

Another good example of an intenret casino that gives amazing loyalty bonuses is Casumo, that gives it’s players “valuables”, that might include free spins, deposit bonuses, free gaming money and not so known super-free spins that are up to 10 times more valuable than a normal free spin.


Online casinos campaigns and competitions

Online casinos, campaigns and competitions go hand in hand in the world of cash games. Almost all casinos working online offer their players weekly and monthly campaigns and competitions. Most common campaigns offered in online casinos are travels, cash and casino bonuses.

When talking about competitions, I can come up with two online casinos that offer them all the time to their players delight. First of these is the Videoslots casino’s “Casino Race”, where players are handed out every week at least 35 000€ of free cash. Another competitive attribute of the Videoslots casino is “Battle of slots”, where players can play slots against each others.

Casumo also offers it’s mode of comeptitions in the name of “slot races”, where players can win free spins and other great prize. If you want to enjoy competitions while playing, we suggest to join either Videoslots or Casumo online casinos.


Online casinos and reliability

online casinos and reliabilitySome people think that online casinos are somewhat unreliable, and they are hesitant to start playing with real money because of these issues. At first we would like to state that most of the online casinos are reliable and depositing money along with withdrawing it, is safe.

Every online casino listed here at have been proven to be reliable, as we play there ourself. With good spirit, we can declare that all the online casinos found through this website have their place as reliable and tax-free online casinos. You can feel safe to choose an online casino, bonus or otherwise comfortable game website here and register an account, deposit money and start winning in a trustworthy environment.

All casinos presented in our website are trustworthy and their business is highly regulated. Detailed laws and the casinos’ own quality control guarantee players a fair, safe and realiable gaming environment for every gaming moment, including those where you win a big jackpot-prize and you want to withdraw your winnings. So do not hesitate, but go ahead and choose a comfortable online casino and starting hunting jackpots today!


How to start playing in an online casino?

How to start playing in an online casino?To start playing in an online casino is easier than driving a car or taking a taxi to a normal casino or moving your legs. Firstly you have to choose a reliable, tax-free and confirmed to give a good experience online casino, to avoid nasty surprises. Easiest way to start playing is to choose a casino that we have listed, register an account and start playing.

Below we have created three sections, where starting to play is easiest. If you have yet never played in an online casino, we suggest to read through all three sections to make it easier to choose and online casino and to get into the world of online casinos’ faster. So keep reading and catch all the informative knowledge we offer to start playing in an online casino.


Choosing an online casino

It all starts by choosing an online casino where you want to play at. It is still important to remember a few things that are important to us Finns. Those are; finnish customer service, tax-free quick winning withdrawals, Finnish language and good benefits for players, such as welcome bonuses and other campaigns.

All the casinos listed here at include all the things mentioned above, things that are important to us Finns. So choose a pleasant casino we have listed and click “play now” button. After that you can move forward to the section where we discuss creating a gaming account.


Creating a gaming account

creating a gaming accountAfter you have clicked the “play now” button, you will be directed to the online casino along with the casino bonus we have offered. At this point you must create a gaming account, also known as registering. It can be done through front page using “create account” or “register” buttons. Most online casinos’ tend to push you to register your account when you land on their page, so creating an account should not be a problem.

While creating the account, they will ask you who will hopefully win a jackpot in the future for a name, e-mail, address and often your phone number. These information are asked so that playing in an online casino would be realiable and also because it allows you to verify your account later on. This information will not be mishandled and they will not be given to any third party. So you can feel comfortable to give your information to the online casino in a secure environment.

After you have given your information, the online casino usually requires you to verify your account using your email address. So open your email and click the link leading to verify your account. After that you can already start playing, so all the luck to you!